Our restaurant logo design has won 11 national awards from Graphic Design USA
and Logo Lounge in the last two years.


Profit from restaurant brand design that influences where
customer's choose to dine

Our customers say..."

"Love the website, our logo, and everything in between! You helped us bring our ideas to life, as well as introduce us to a new level of marketing that we had never tapped into before. Our fresh, new logo is JUST what we needed and the website you designed for us puts it all together together just right, a TRUE work of art (like a perfectly made club sandwich!) Thank you Phil and everyone at Restaurant Identity.com!" — LG, Garden State Diner

”We were re-branding our 30 year concept into a fresh modern brand that will appeal to a broader consumer base. When I hired Restaurant Identity.com I ended up getting was a team of professionals that took the time to really understand what we were trying to accomplish and live the brand during the development phase. The result was simply a home run. Our new logo not only fits our new image but it is so strong that it became the brand and we are now working the other design elements around what you and your team developed.The short amount of time you accomplished what you did was very impressive. I particularly liked the interaction during the entire development phase; this ensured that every little element was perfect.” — CK, Mediterranean Grill Restaurant

”I finally saw the design and the colors!!! It's beautiful. You have such a great sense of color. Philip Marzo is a true artist and at the same time has real marketing savvy. His firm's beautifully designed promotions have increased our catering sales significantly. It's been a pleasure working with Phil and Restaurant Identity.com in every aspect.”— PM, Flavors Catering

“Thank you for the wonderful work you've done for Melt. When I approached you for a logo and restaurant web site, it's hard to believe how beautifully and creatively you helped establish our identity. It is beyond me how you were able to read into my scattered thoughts and come up with a restaurant logo and web site design that not only reflected my concept but is deserving of an award. One visitor to our delicious looking Melt web site emailed us this delightful comment, “I want to eat it.” GS, Melt Cafe

We love the final restaurant logo; the one design with the oven looks great for labels... we love the business cards, the letterhead and absolutely love the note card...” — WL, Brick City Baking Company

Nancy and I wanted to take some time to thank you and your team for the wonderful job you have done for our new company. The detail to attention, along with your expertise, has led to a business relationship that we have come to truly value. You should take great comfort in knowing that you helped form our message and helped our business grow in ways that are transparent to most.

Our logo and branding, created by Restaurant Identity.com, is something I never tire of showing people and telling them about how you created it. You captured the essence of wine making in our logo… it still amazes us.” — TN, The Grape Escape Winemaking School

"I'm really happy with the logo! It represent all what Porto La Mère pizza stands for."
— SC, Porto La Mere, Amsterdam, Netherlands

New 2013 restaurant website design, brand and mobile projects...
New restaurant logos for urban diner and sophisticated, beach restaurant 
Colorado / Logo, restaurant web site and mobile, Facebook program for Flavor's Telluride

New Jersey / Logo, web site and mobile for new Mediterranean restaurant for
> Massachusetts / Mobile and Advertising program for new Worcester Steakhouse
New Jersey Shore / Restaurant website design and mobile for Italian, fine casual at La Spiaggia
> Florida / Logo and web site for new upscale restaurant on Amelia Island
New Jersey / Website for new Sushi and Steakhouse restaurant, Nagoya
Long Island / Award-winning restaurant logo design for Steak and Sushi restaurant for LI restaurant group
> Florida / New logo and restaurant web site design for new upscale Naples restaurant
Pennsylvania / Web site and mobile for Restaurant & Rooftop Lounge at Cosmopolitan Restaurant and Lounge
 > New Jersey / Logo, restaurant web site design and Facebook program for new Italian restaurant for Cielo's
> Washington, DC / Logo and restaurant website design and mobile for neighborhood restaurant at Salt & Pepper, DC